Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Noah in God's Hand

I have the best brother in the whole world!!!! And he married the most amazing woman ever! Jason and Esther took one of the photos of Noah and sent it off to a lady who does the most amazing pencil drawings! She has done several memorials of babies and her work is very impressive. You can see some of her work here... Jason and Esther asked Dana to use this photo and then draw the hand of God holding Noah.

They got the final sketch and framed it in a beautiful frame with the poem they wrote for Noah (the one Esther read at the memorial service). They brought it to us last night and I was speechless at how beautiful it turned out...

And if you haven't already seen the poem...

Sweet Noah

As we each looked forward to the day you’d arrive,

We dreamed of how you would brighten our lives.

The pride and joy of your father and mother,

Your coming would make little Ethan big brother.

In an instant we learned that your time had been brief,

Leaving each one of us to suffer much grief.

Our arms are now empty and our hearts are now broken,

We weep for lost possibilities and words left unspoken.

Though it seems we are separated by a great distance,

You were one moment’s proof of Heaven’s existence.

Assured that our Father has a master plan,

We entrust your spirit to the palm of His hand.

-Aunt Esther & Uncle Jason

Thank you so much Jason and Esther for this priceless gift! We will cherish it always!!!

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