Monday, October 12, 2009

Noah's Name Gallery

Welcome to Noah's Name Gallery! If you would like to make an addition to Noah's name gallery, you can email me at and it will be added to the gallery. You will be able to access the name gallery at any time by clicking the link on the right side of my blog titled, "Noah's Name Gallery". You can write Noah's name in a unique way (out of rocks, sticks, written in sand, out of food, etc.) or you can write it on a piece of paper and take it in front of different places (at the beach, on vacation, etc.).

We would love to have pictures of Noah's name from places all over the world!

To start us off, my co-worker and friend Jennifer wrote Noah's name in the sand while at the beach.

Noah's Nana had his name made in blown glass while in Helen, Georgia.

Noah's Room

From my newest friend, Dawn, mother of Haylee who is buried in Babyland near Noah. Her son also helped put this together. Thank you!

Dawn's son also made this on his own out of dominoes...what a sweetheart!

From my sweet friend, Nicole.

From Jennifer, mother of sweet Bryston

From the Lehman Family while vacationing at Disney World...
Thank you Angela, Philip, Hannah, Micah, & Sarah!

This is one I made for Noah....

Thank you to Sarah, Richard, and Carly at "Rory's Garden" for making this beautiful photo of Noah's name (and thank you to my brother, Jason and sister-in-law Esther for requesting it for us!)

Thank you to Holly for this picture taken in Riverside Park in Findlay, Ohio.

A dear lady named Michelle sent me an email a few weeks ago. She went to Hayman Island in the Whitsundays (Great Barrier Reef) for 3 days with her husband and another couple. From there they took a helicopter ride to Whitehaven Beach. Her and her friends decided to write something in the sand and she yelled out, "NOAH!". She told them all about Noah (she reads my blog) and they decided to write Noah's name. She said the sun was so bright on the white sand that it was hard to get a good shot. She said they ended up using swimmers, beach towels, a beach hat, flippers, and stinger suits to curl up and spell his name. So from the other side of the world at Whitehaven Beach, Australia....

Taken by my dear friend Monica. Her and her husband, Ed are missionaries in Bosnia

Taken by our dear friends, Mike & Jen Ryan

Had this taken while we were vacationing in the Outer Banks in North Carolina. Photo courtesy of Nathan Lawrenson.

I saw this sign on the way to Lynchburg, Virginia and practically ran off the road.

I also took these next two when it snowed here in February

Taken by our friends, Levi and Amy Todd

Taken by David's aunt, Carmen Williams

These next two were taken by a sweet blog friend, Leanne Gehrke in Huntington, Indiana.

Our friends Greg and Kathy King made these letters of Noah and took them with them to the Grand Canyon where they took these photos. SO BEAUTIFUL!

Our friends, Jeremy and Trista Ross made this one...

My friend Courtney Goff took this one while on vacation
Very creative!

My blog friend, Holly Haas sent me this one

Blog friend, Leanne and her sister used sign language to spell Noah's name while in the Smokey Mountains in Tennessee

April & Dan Zizich wrote Noah's name with seashells while at the beach

My sister-in-law, Esther painted this and gave it to beautiful!

These next 3 were sent to me by my friend, Shea Downing.

Our good friends Kevin and Jami Lynn sent us this one. I always love the ones of his name in the sand at the beach!

My very sweet and encouraging friend, Julie Coryea sent this cool!!!!

Ruthie (my sister-in-law's sister) sent theses next two from Chicago


And my dear friend from Warner Robins, Jennifer Lipke had an evening with her girl's small group. She was unable to come to Noah's balloon release so she and the girls made several additions to Noah's name gallery and also release balloons in his honor the same day we had the balloon release here in Conyers. Thank you so much girls!!!!!!!!!!

And one of the girls in the small group girls - Kristen Kramer - made this one which is so pretty! It's so sweet that people who don't even know us were thinking of us and praying for us on Noah's birthday.

My friends Nanci and Shelby Stewart sent this from the beach! It's made of sand dollars!

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  1. Those are all so pretty! I love the grand canyon ones, they are beautiful! *HUGS*