Monday, September 14, 2009

My Dad's Letter to Noah

My Dad wrote a letter to Noah and added it to the memorial site ( I thought I would share it with you here...

To Noah From Papaw


I know you have great company in Heaven. My precious Mom, Helen is holding you. So are my grandparents. So are my other four Collinsworth grandchildren, your siblings. Like Job, we are trusting God to multiply blessings to comfort us in your temporary absence from our lives. When Job lost everything, God replaced it all with double what he’d lost. But the scriptures show he lost ten children and was blessed with ten more. He got twice everything else he lost here on earth; but the children he had in Heaven remained his for eternity, so God doubled those by just giving him ten more on earth.

God, help me and all of us here on this earth, in our grief, frustration, pain and even anger, to trust you and to have an eternal perspective; that you will bless us who love you double for what we’ve lost. I don’t know if that means there will be five more children; but I do believe the Joy you’ll send will comfort us beyond our hopes and imagination. Help me and all of us also to celebrate Noah David’s precious life. Help us to get a perspective of Joy about the blessing he is now and for eternity. Help me to resist the temptation from Satan and my flesh to give in to despair and hopelessness. I want to celebrate Noah’s beautiful life and spirit! Thank you God that we have our faith in You and the comfort of our precious Ethan Michael.

I love you forever, precious Noah! See you soon.

Your Papaw

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