Monday, September 7, 2009

Another broken heart

(Just FYI....The reason for the title is below...nothing to do with Dewayne and Brandi)

Dewayne and Brandi, our dear friends, came to visit us this weekend. We had such a great time with them. They have a 4 month old baby named Oliver and he is a cutie! Dewayne and my hubby have been best friends for a very VERY long time. I'm so thankful he married Brandi!!! I love her so much and we have become great friends as well. Now if we could just get them to move closer to us! Here are a few pics I took of them yesterday...

After we got home from church, we all took a nap. I couldn't sleep. I was missing Noah. I started crying. David and I talked for a while. I was going through some of the same thoughts that I go through a lot...wishing I had more pictures, wishing I had not left the hospital until later, sad that I won't have Noah to show off to friends and family this Christmas, wishing I had demanded an ultrasound when I had pain at my last visit to the doctor, etc. David comforted me and he talked about the things he was sad about. Then he left the room and 5 minutes later came back in and said, "Jeremy's brother and his wife just lost their baby during delivery". My heart broke. Jeremy and Trista are friends of ours from church. Trista and I had just talked about how her sister-in-law was a week past her due date. We aren't sure exactly what happened (and maybe we never will), but they have lost their baby girl and all the emotions from the moment we saw Noah's heart not beating came flooding back to me. I know their hearts are breaking, I know they are in shock, I know they have a million decisions to make that nobody should have to make, I know they will go home to an empty room and an empty crib and it's just unbelievable. My prayer right now is that David and I will be able to minister to them in some way. I pray that we may be able to support them on this difficult road as they are just a few steps behind us.


  1. Lisa and David,

    Unfortunately for you, fortunately for them, you have been prepared to help these folks.

    You may recall (or not - 1993-1996 or so) I became very ill, almost did not make it twice, and some 6 surgeries later am still ticking along. Maybe 3 dozen is about the number of people I have been able to help because of my ordeal with perforated diverticulitis, depression, and the things related to them. Not the least of those was my father, when he became very ill for two years before going on to Heaven.

    I do not know why tragedy strikes, but it will make you feel better when you use the experiences to help others through the same and similar valleys - like I am sure you would anyway.

    Much love.

    James Bagley
    Montgomery, Alabama

  2. Oh, no. I will be praying for them. I am so thankful they have you, and sorry still at the same time... praying for you still as well and we love you.

  3. I am terribly sorry for you and your friends. I am praying for you and thinking of your sweet Noah. I am sure he is with his new friend now and knows how much you love and miss him.