Sunday, July 26, 2009

Others have walked this road

Besides my husband, Todd Smith is probably one of my favorite male singers of all time. I absolutely love his voice. And I LOVE the songs he has written. Todd sings with the Christian group "Selah". David and I have sung many of their songs over the years. So I was pretty shocked when I realized after browsing through different people's blogs that last year, Todd and Angie Smith lost their sweet baby girl, Audrey Caroline. Angie's blog is They have written a beautiful song for her and I wanted to share it with you. I'm planning on contacting Angie to share our story of Noah.


  1. I'm thankful to read of your desire to share Noah's story. I read this blog and think you'd really appreciate Holly's message:

    Check it out if you'd like.

  2. It is a wonderful song. Angie allowed me to use that song for my daughter Carleigh's funeral when it wasn't released yet. I'm so grateful for her kindness.