Saturday, July 31, 2010

You Are For Me

This song has become very dear to my heart. God has been teaching me a lot recently about fully trusting him and letting go of all that I'm desperately clinging to. I'm learning that I can't control everything and that worrying doesn't help any situation (that is really hard for this mother to accept who has had her worst fear realized...but I'm trying).

I know that God has a great plan for my life and that everything He has brought me through and is bringing me through will only serve to bring Him glory if I will allow it and not be overcome with bitterness. He is for me, not against me. He will not forsake me in my weakness.


  1. I love this song too! I agree with everything that you wrote in your blog, because I know that with out him in my life I dont know what I would have done over the past year and for the next years to come. Your an amazing mother for what you have been through.

  2. Dear Lisa,
    I think I told you many months ago, at Katie's Blessingway, that I have struggled deeply and for a long, long time to cope with the loss of twin boys who lived only a few hours; born only a few weeks before my son. ( -->

    The babies were not mine to parent, but they have somehow been deeply, deeply mine to grieve. I have struggled in heart, mind, and most deeply, spirit to make sense of their deaths, and ultimately, to understand in some inadequate way, what wisdom God had in bringing them to us at all. Anyhow, you wrote in a blog post quite a while back that you and your accountability partner were trying to select a book (in addition to The Bible) for your shared reading. There's a book I wanted to recommend to you, that has been very powerfully helpful to me in my effort to make sense of a loss I still can't wrap my head around. It's by Bill Williams and his wife, Martha Williams; it's called "Naked Before God: The Return of a Broken Disciple." I rejoice in Ella's presence in your life; and I pray for your, David's, and Ethan's continued healing. God bless you. -Emilie