Tuesday, July 27, 2010

It's not the heat...

Every summer in Georgia it's the same thing....HOT. I don't know why everyone thinks that's going to change, yet year after year you hear people say, "this is the hottest summer I can remember!" Followed by, "it's not the heat it's the humidity!!!"

Welcome to Georgia.

I'm ok with the heat. Last year I was pregnant and swollen with high blood pressure and I was NOT ok with the heat. This year it really doesn't bother me. I remember thinking the winter would NEVER end. Now that it finally got warm I'm in no rush for it to leave again. However, I am not so happy with my electric bill going from $125 last month to $336 this month. That was really depressing since I only budgeted $200 for electricity. We've been using all kinds of energy-saving methods lately, but it didn't seem to help this month. Big bummer.

Moving on...

I really wish we could go on vacation. I know, I know...we just went to D.C. in April, but honestly, that was not a great vacation for Ethan. Walking around through museums all day is - believe it or not - NOT the trip of a lifetime for a 4 year old. I really would LOVE to take a trip to Disney this fall now that Ethan is old enough to really appreciate it, but the price of tickets is so ridiculous! Hotels are no problem for us. We get great discounts since David is a manager at a Hampton Inn. We can stay at any Hilton property for very cheap! I would really love to just take a little weekend trip down to the beach. During the summer if you look on your home page of facebook, you will see a ton of your friends talking about their beach vacations and posting pics of the beautiful ocean. I'm just jealous of friends like mine who are in....Hawaii!!!!!!! Um...I wanna go! Just sayin'.

For now I'll just enjoy beautiful, hot, humid Georgia and try to sell my right arm so I can go on vacation.

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  1. Just now catching up on your blog. As for Disney, you have a few options. Stop by & do one of the time share tours. The tour lasts about 1 1/2 hours & then they give you free disney tickets. you don't have to schedule the tour for the same day, and, I have found most places allow you to use their facilities for the day. So, make a day of it...tour, free lunch, a "new" pool for the day...then Disney the next. And I'm thinking you might can do 2 different tours & go for 2 days if you play your cards right. LOL!

    Another option, is that if you buy 5 days, you get extra days for next to nothing (i.e. $8(ish)/day after that) so if you can take a week or more, you can get more bang for your buck...but definately more expensive than a free day.