Saturday, August 7, 2010

Ethan starts Pre-K

I can't believe it! I officially have a child in school! It's so crazy how fast my sweet boy is growing up. Ethan is going to Pre-K at the same school where he has been in daycare since he was a year old. He LOVES his new teachers and is very excited about getting to play on the "bigger" playground!

Ethan's 1st day of Pre-K (this past Thursday)

They aren't allowed to have backpacks in Pre-K (I didn't know this until the orientation the night before), but he got to carry his supplies in to school the first day with his Mario backpack.

On Friday we both got a haircut!
I was thinking of becoming a brunette, but the professional talked me out of it! :o) I'm glad she did because then I might not look as much like Ethan's Mommy!

Ethan's new hairdo makes him look so much older. My little boy is growing up!
Looking more and more like his Daddy every day...

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  1. How fun! Ethan is such a precious little man! Hope school is going well for him so far!