Thursday, July 15, 2010

Sugar & Spice Sweets

Do you like Cake? Cookies? Candy? Cupcakes? Chocolate? (funny they all start with a "C")...anyway, my dear friend Trista is in the business of all things sweet! We call her a "Cake Artist" because that is what she is! Her cakes are not only beautiful...they are DELICIOUS! Her chocolate-chocolate chip and her strawberry cakes are some of my favorites!!!!

If you live in Georgia and you need a cake or other sweet treat, hop on over to Trista's blog! You can look through all her cakes and can contact her with your order!

Here are just a few examples of her incredible artistry!
Click HERE or the button on the right side of my page
to see her website "Sugar & Spice Sweets!


  1. Wow at those cakes! They are beautiful

  2. THose cakes are awesome! I love the cherry blossoms!