Monday, January 17, 2011

29 Weeks and more of Ella's Room

Things are still going beautifully. I am now 29 weeks and Ella is as healthy as ever. I feel pretty good during the day, but I am not sleeping well at all at night. MAJOR INSOMNIA! Please be praying for me about this!!!

I worked on Ella's room some more tonight. David and I found a small pink dresser for her room for a very reasonable price at an antique store. We actually saw it several months ago but wanted to be sure it was the best deal we could find. It was $75...I offered the lady $50...she accepted $59. I think it was a great deal! So here is Ella's room (almost complete!...just a few more things to hang up on the walls).

I found these little birdhouses at Hobby Lobby and decided to spice them up using the same idea as the blocks that Marisa showed us how to make HERE.


  1. That chest is precious! What a deal, too!

    The birdhouses are so cute!

  2. The bird houses, tree and chest are lovely!!! They really pull the room together!! :) Love it! Glad Ella is doing well! Will be praying for restful nights for you! :) Little girls' rooms are so sweet!

  3. Her room is very cute! I love it!!

    I hope you can get over the insomnia!