Monday, June 25, 2012

Ella at 15 Months

2 posts in one day! Crazy huh?

I am a week late on this post...

Sweet Ella, you have reached a huge milestone that I just have to blog about! You are finally WALKING! On Monday, June 11th you decided it was time.  Nobody helped you, you just got up and walked across the room.  Then you spent the day showing off your new trick by walking circles around the house.  You are becoming more independent each day (something Mommy doesn't like very much!). Mamaw is here for the summer to help us out until school starts back.

You have added some new words to your vocabulary...
-You made the switch from "Mama" to "Mommy" while on vacation a few weeks ago and for now, it is your favorite word.  You say it like you are wanting my attention.  "Mommy?!?"  Then I say, "What, baby?"...and then you say it again, "Mommy?!?".  This goes on for a while, then you say a long phrase in your own little language like you are really telling me something.  I have no idea what you are saying, but you are so stinkin' cute!!!
Other new words:
-"Me" - if I'm sharing some food with you, you say "me" after I take a, "Ok mom, now it's my turn!"  You can seriously put away some food, little girl!
-"Eat" - Probably your second favorite word.  You realize now that when you say this word, we feed you.  You don't overuse it just yet, but when you are hungry, you shout it! EAT!!!!!!!
-"Shoes" - sounds like "Juice"
-"Ewwww" - when you have a dirty diaper
- "Two" - This is apparently your favorite number.  I often pick you up by saying, "One.....Two....Thrrrreeeeeeeeee" and then swing you around.  Now as soon as I say, "One" you say "Two".
_"Yo ho!" - You like to watch Jake and the Neverland Pirates with Ethan and as soon as they start singing "Yo ho!", you shout it right back at the tv.  
-"Cheeto" - this is your brother's nickname. You still call him "bubba", but you like to yell "Cheeto".
-"So Pretty" -When Mamaw gets you dressed, she stands you up on the changing table and says, "How pretty!" ...same thing she did when I was little. You always reply "So Pitty". 
- "I Love" - you said this in response to me yesterday! I said, "I love you" and you said, "I love"....getting closer :o)

You still say "no no no" and "stop it" if you hear anyone raise their voice or if we are wrestling with your big brother.  You are pretty strict with us!

Your Mamaw has taught you how to play tea party.  You are just adorable setting up your dolls and animals and picking up a little teacup and "sipping" your tea.

You still won't say "Mamaw".  When we try to get you to say it, you say very clearly, "Papaw".  Oh well...there's always next month!  

You have had 8 teeth for a while (4 on top, 4 on bottom), but your 4 canine teeth are popping through all at the same time.  You want to chew on everything!

I have to say that so far, this is my favorite age for you.  You are so cute, your personality just shines, and I just love you so very much.  I am so thankful for you, sweet baby girl!!!!!!!


  1. We had so much fun with them yesterday! Ella had me change her diaper four or five times I think. She kept patting her diaper and saying "Ewww", signaling it was time for me to change it. lol We also got her to say "Ry Ry and G". She was having too much fun with Ryan. I'll have to email you the video of her and Ryan playing. It was so sweet.

    1. Thank you so much for helping us out and watching them! I know Ella had a great time with all the kiddos!