Saturday, March 26, 2011

Ella's Birth Story (Part 1)

It all began on Tuesday, March 15th. I had a miserable day at work feeling uncomfortable and so desperate to go into labor or SOMETHING to prompt Ella's arrival. I had a doctor's appointment right after work and while I wanted everything to be just fine with Ella, I was secretly hoping for some reason to deliver her early. I was growing more and more worried that something could happen to her before the c-section planned for that Friday. I made it very clear to my doctor that I did not want an amniocentesis. I believed it to be an unnecessary risk, but the hospital usually requires it prior to 38 weeks. My doctor was able to avoid the amnio by waiting until the last minute to schedule the c-section. She asked me if I minded if the c-section was Thursday or Friday and I said either one was fine with me. Later in the day she sent me a text saying we were to be at the hospital at 5:30am on Thursday and the c-section would be at 7:30am. So we got ready for a St. Patrick's Day baby! Wednesday was the longest day ever but I knew that Ella would be in our arms soon. We finished packing our bags Wednesday night and then neither of us were able to sleep a wink. We arrived at the hospital on Thursday morning, excited about the big day ahead. Our pastor showed up early with us to pray with us before we would go back for surgery. They got my IV started, took some blood, and gave David his scrubs for the OR.

David got the Flip camera ready and we headed down to the OR at 7:30. We walked down the hall and there was the little chair for David...the chair that dads have to wait in while moms get prepared for surgery. The same chair David sat in before Ethan's and Noah's births. I gave him a kiss and went with the nurse to the OR. They sat me up on the table to prepare me for my spinal. The anesthesiologist asked me several questions and then I shared with her that I had Factor V Leiden and had been off of the Lovenox for over 24 hours (as I was told by my OB). She then asked me if they had done the PT, PTT blood test. I told her I didn't think so, but they did take some blood earlier. She said that it was absolutely necessary to have this blood test done to check the coagulation of my blood before she could proceed with a spinal (it could paralyze me if my blood was too thin and/or I could bleed to death). So they sent me out of the OR and back to my room to wait for another blood test. 45 minutes later they came back in with the results. They said my blood was still too thin and that the c-section had to be postponed for Friday morning. At that time they would do another blood test to make sure my blood was where it needed to be. To say I was disappointed is an understatement. I started crying and was overwhelmed with a sense of dread. What if something happened to Ella between then and Friday? Irrational, I know. i was also upset that my grandad had driven all the way from Montgomery, AL at 3:30am to be there and now he would miss her arrival on Friday as he had to go back home. I only cried for about 20 minutes and then I just accepted it. I would spend the rest of the day just trying to enjoy my last day being pregnant with her. They decided to keep me at the hospital for the night.

David and I woke up Friday morning, ready to meet our daughter...
(to be continued)

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