Saturday, March 5, 2011

Baby Shower and the wait

My sweet sister-in-law, Esther along with 3 of my dear friends (Sandra, Angela, & Trista) threw me a baby shower at my church last weekend. It was so much fun and wait until you see the pics below of how they blessed us with so much girly stuff! The decorations, the food, the cake, the friends...everything was just perfect!

The hostesses....

All the guests (minus a few who had to leave early)...
thank you to friends who drove from across state and from out of state to be there!!!
Love you girls!!!

The BEAUTIFUL cake, made by my friend, Trista Ross at

The cookie favors (also made by Trista)

Diaper Cake made by Sandra

Isn't this the cutest? Ella was spoiled with all these clothes by her Aunt Es!

Ethan being silly...

Ethan wanted to help open all of Ella's gifts

The loot...

Thank you everyone for the beautiful shower and all the cute (and useful) gifts!!! It was so great to see some dear friends and it was such a special day.

We are in the final stretch...13 days to go (Ethan continues to remind us). Yesterday was kind of crazy. My day was filled with LOTS of contractions and I started to wonder if Miss Ella would make an early appearance. I swapped texts with my doctor, left work early, rushed home to finish packing my bag, ate lunch, then sat down and drank a glass of water. Then they stopped. As much as I am anxious for her to be here, I DO NOT want her to end up in the NICU, so it would be good if she could hang in there at least another week (or 2!). I'll be 36 weeks tomorrow and the plan is still to have the c-section on March 18th...but like I've said before, Ella may have other plans!

Today was the first Saturday in FOREVER that we had no plans at all. No birthday parties, no weddings, no baby showers, no church activities, NOTHING! And it was so nice! So I did what all mothers do at this stage in the game. NESTING! I gave David a list of chores and we are now relaxing after a long day of cleaning and preparing for Ella. We bought her car seat today, David put up the bassinet in our room and we set up the Pack n Play in the living room. They are all set up and waiting for her cute little self...

And her room has become my favorite room in the house...



  1. Ella is a very blessed baby girl to have so many people love her! What an awesome shower and the cake was ADORABLE!

  2. What an AWESOME baby shower....and such a blessing I am sure! I am so EXCITED for you to have a girly girl.....lots of drama, but totally worth it :)

  3. The room is precious! And the baby will have plenty to wear! We have a ton of clothes too thanks to a FABULOUS hand-me-down source.

  4. You are definitely loved! What's going on at your house today?! You're on my mind right now- praying for you and Miss Ella right now.


  5. So so SO exciting! Blessings, friend! Enjoy this baby girl!