Sunday, February 6, 2011

32 Weeks...Looking forward to moments like these

I'm 32 weeks pregnant today! Ella Jane is estimated to be around 3lbs, 11oz. It feels like a huge victory to be here at 32 weeks. I am so terribly impatient for Ella to be in my arms!!!

I spent some time this week going through old pictures of Ethan as a baby. It feels like yesterday sometimes, then other times it feels like it has been so long since he was such a tiny baby. I am looking forward to having a baby in the house again and watching Ethan be a big brother!

Looking forward to moments like these...


  1. I LOVED watching the video of Ethan! What a precious little baby! And such a cute little boy! I'm excited to see pictures of Ella with Ethan now!

  2. RYC: No! I don't know if she is on FB. I have been so curious as to how she is, too! I have gone back and recommented twice, asking how she is doing, but I haven't heard anything yet! I have also been trying to figure out how to get in contact with her. Let me know if you figure anything out! Thanks!