Thursday, April 19, 2012

Precious Days

These days are precious.  And they will go by too quickly.  I want to cherish these moments. And I want to blog about these moments so I don't forget them.

 So often I run across mothers whose babies are now teenagers, college students, or married with babies of their own.  They always say the same thing, "Cherish every moment...they grow up so fast".  It's so true.

This girl is already 13 months old!

And this boy will be 6 years old next month!

I want to cherish this time while he thinks it's cool to play with his baby sister...this time when he absolutely adores her

...and to take in every moment that she finds him so interesting and funny


They are only little for a while...


so I will love them, raise them, snuggle them, pray with them, read with them, photograph them...

and I won't forget to blog about them!!!


  1. CHEEEEEEKS!! Woah! look at them in that first photo of Ella!
    And look at that handsome young scholar! ;)


  2. Yayyyyyyyy! It just made my day that you are back to blogging! :) Ella is soooooo adorable! It's such a fun age. And it's really neat to watch them interact, isn't it? I so worried about the age difference with Isabel and Ian, and it has actually been so fun! I agree that it goes by way too fast. Ian doesn't really want to cuddle before his nap anymore! Makes me want to cry. Savor the memories while we are living them, right? And Ethan looks so grown up!

  3. Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful, beautiful Lisa.

    Michelle from Australia.

  4. I'm so glad you are going to continue blogging about their little lives. That makes me happy. :) I need to get back into blogging more, too. I've been terrible about it lately.

    Your kids are just so adorable. I love these pictures.