Friday, April 27, 2012

Cavities, Maracas & Pigtails

Saturday - I did a family photo shoot and a prom photo shoot in Macon while the kids spent the day with their Nana.  This is Clearwater Plantation where I have done several photo shoots.  My friend's parents own it and are kind enough to let me use it when I'm in town.
*I'll apologize now for some of the dark and/or blurry pics in this cell phone doesn't take the best photos! ...

Sunday - Great day at church, missed my hubby while he was in Honduras on a mission trip, but this girl...she slept like....well....a baby...(and seriously...she looks JUST like her big brother in this photo!)

Monday - Back to work.  Ethan went to the dentist...lots of cavities...going to get a 2nd opinion. After reading reviews on this particular dentist, I have found MANY people who were told their kids had lots of cavities and needed fillings, then once they went to another dentist, they told them they had no cavities.  We just want a second opinion before Ethan has to go through all of that work and we have to pay all of that money!

Tuesday - Daddy's home!!!! Ella immediately started yelling, "Da-da! Da-da! Da-da!" when David walked in the door.  Both the kids were so excited to have him home (and so was I!!!).  I think the trip was very impacting and he has so many stories to tell! He brought us each a souvenir from Honduras. A bracelet for me, a "catch the ball in a cup" game for Ethan, and maracas for Ella! She LOVES those maracas!!!

Wednesday - I took Ethan for a much-needed haircut...and he fell asleep in Stephanie's chair! I ended up having to hold his head up so she could finish...

Thursday - Got a sweet card in the mail from my friend telling me she is having a baby BOY!!!! I am beyond thrilled for her!!!! Ella's babysitter (my friend Trista) put Ella's hair in a ponytail while she was at her house.  She gave me a bunch of her girls' tiny rubberbands and that afternoon I experimented with putting Ella's hair in pigtails! She's definitely not looking so much like a baby anymore...


                              And now it's Friday!!!!!!!! Can't wait to see what the weekend will hold!

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  1. I hope that the dentist was wrong and Ethan doesn't have to have all the dental work done! Poor guy.

    The picture of him asleep getting his hair cut still cracks me up. He must have been really tired!!

    Aww, David had to be thrilled by his warm welcome home!