Wednesday, July 27, 2011

At 4 Months Old...

Sweet Ella, you are growing up too fast! At 4 months old you weigh 13lbs, 3oz. and you are 24 and 3/4 inches long. Your head circumference is 16". Mommy is still breastfeeding you and hopes to continue until you are a year old. You love to have your hands on your face and you REALLY love it if Mommy, Daddy or big brother have their hands on your face. You will just hug our hands and go right to sleep. You are rolling over from your back to your tummy constantly...but you get mad once you are on your tummy. It makes Mommy a nervous wreck because you just bury your face when you are on your tummy. You are grabbing your feet and trying so hard to put them in your mouth. You love to stand up while holding someone's hands...or leaning against your rocker. And Mommy is enjoying so much having a "baby doll" to dress up. Here is you and your "little black dress"...

You are still such a happy baby. You have been teething lately...drooling, wanting to chew on everything, etc. so you've been a little fussier than normal, but you can go from fussing to giggling in the same breath. Mamaw bought you the book "I am a bunny". She read it to you every single day while she was here and I think you really like it! Mommy misses you SO MUCH while I'm at work and I wish I could be with you all day. Mamaw's last day with us for the summer was yesterday. She went back home to Blue Ridge and we were all very sad to see her go.I love coming home and having some cuddle time with you and Ethan every day. Your big brother absolutely adores you! His "baby voice" that he uses to talk to you is so cute. He calls you "baby sister" and "Ciner-Ella". You love your pacifier (the glow in the dark ones...which Mommy finds very handy in the middle of the night!). You love watching Mickey Mouse Clubhouse with big brother. You hang out a lot in your swing, bouncy seat and Bumbo. You are still sleeping in the bassinet in Mommy and Daddy's room....I'm not quite sure when Mommy will be ready to move you to your room. You have the sweetest pouty little lips I've ever seen. Everyone says they are the perfect "cupid's bow". They are so kissable!
We celebrated your big brother Noah's 2nd birthday this month. You visited his grave with us for the first time and we had a balloon release. You don't know about Noah yet...but someday we will tell you all about him and how through his loss, he made a way for you to be here with us and for that we are forever grateful.

Grow, baby, grow...but not too fast!!!