Thursday, May 13, 2010

High Risk Appointment

David and I are scheduled to meet with a high risk doctor this Friday to discuss my blood work that I had done after losing Noah, my diagnosis of Factor V Leiden, the pathology report from the placenta (after Noah's birth), to have more blood work drawn, and to discuss what will be required of me if I ever do get pregnant again. I am pretty certain I will be on Lovenox injections every day if I get pregnant. My doctor has already asked that I take a baby aspirin a day for pretty much the rest of my life (though I keep forgetting to actually do it!). Please be praying for us as we go to this appointment. I'm always pretty emotional going to the doctor since losing Noah and I get pretty upset/mad/sad/frustrated when I even look at the pathology report from the placenta. I wish there was one clear answer as to what caused Noah to die, but so far, there just isn't ONE (there are many possibilities as to why). There are so many things on that report and I just want someone to tell me what happened!

Thank you for your prayers...


  1. sending you lots of strength today, Lisa. I remember those appointment all too well. praying you get some answers and some peace.

  2. Praying for you and I hope your appt goes ok!

  3. I'm so sorry that I didn't see this in time to be praying! How did the appointment go?

    By the way, I was just blog hopping and found this blog:

    Have you seen that before? She takes pictures of babies names that are already in heaven. I thought I'd send you that way if you haven't already had her take a picture of Noah's name since I knew you were collecting pictures for his birthday.