Thursday, April 22, 2010

Trip Part 1: Meeting the Lawrenson's

David, Ethan and I had a great time on our road trip. We went to Nags Head, NC, Washington D.C., Lynchburg, VA, and Boone, NC. David and I agree that the highlight of our trip was going to Nags Head in the Outer Banks to meet Nate, Tricia, and Gwyneth Rose Lawrenson. It's something I never thought I would get to do. It's an amazing thing meeting people you have read about and prayed for through the blog world.

I first started reading Nate's blog in December of 2007. I came across his blog through another blog friend. The first post I read of Nate's was THIS. I then began reading more and more about Nate's wife, Tricia and learned a lot about Cystic Fibrosis...something I didn't know much about. And we prayed. David and I prayed, my family prayed, friends of mine who had started reading the blog prayed, my small group prayed, even my co-workers prayed. Then on January 8, 2008, a miracle was born. It would take a while to go through Nate's entire blog and catch you up on all that God has done in their lives, but if you would like the short version, click HERE. I never imagined getting to meet the Lawrenson's, but when David and I decided to go on a road trip for vacation this year, we decided this would be a great time to meet them. I've heard great things (mostly from Nate) about the Outer Banks in North Carolina and how beautiful it is there, so this was our first stop on our road trip. We made the long 9 hour drive...

and suddenly we hit this bridge that went on and on and on out over the water....
When you are driving in the OBX (Outer Banks), the GPS makes you feel as though you are literally driving on water (and I guess we kind of were)

We arrived Friday night and then woke up Saturday morning to explore

Then Saturday night we got dressed in our white shirts and blue jeans and headed to the beach to meet Nate. It's a really strange thing meeting someone you've only seen on a computer screen....but someone you feel like you know so well because of the life experience you feel like you shared with them. Nate is into photography like I am and he is also the worship leader at his church just like my hubby is at we had plenty to talk about.

Here are some of the "sneak peak" photos Nate has sent me from our shoot on the beach...

The necklace I wear every has footprints on the front and on the back it says, "Noah David 7-7-09 3lbs, 60z. 15 inches"

If you are ever in the OBX and want some great family photos, book a session with Nate! His photography website is HERE.

After the photo shoot (where Nate filled up 2 camera cards!), Nate invited us over to their house to meet Tricia and Gwyneth. It was a strange thing as I walked through their door and saw them. I really had to keep myself from bursting into tears and coming off as some crazy lunatic. It's not so much Tricia and Gwyneth that I'm in awe of (though they are so special!), but the awesomeness of my God who has done great things! Tricia is one of the sweetest and most welcoming people I've ever met. Of course Nate talks great about his wife on his blog (as all husbands should of their wives), but to meet her is to know that she really does LOVE people.

And then there's 2 years old. A miracle.
And so beautiful...

I told Tricia that Gwyneth must never have a bad hair day!
She has perfect little ringlets...beautiful blonde curls!

Ethan showed off his skills at playing Mario on the Wii
(I wish I could say I was a proud mom for this...but...ahem).

We stayed long enough to watch our 3 year old take down a 15 year old (Nic Nelson who assisted Nate with the photo shoot) in a video game and then said goodnight.

The next day we got up and went to Nags Head Church where we had a great time of worship.

After church we had a nice lunch at Barefoot Bernie's with Nate, Tricia, Gwyneth, Nate's parents and Tricia's parents. Tricia's mother, Agnes was so encouraging and kind to me after we lost Noah. I was really looking forward to meeting her.

It was so great to meet all of them and we hope to go back for another visit soon!
"Vacation Part 2" is coming soon....but for now, it's bedtime!


  1. it was awesome to meet you guys! Hopefully we'll make it down your way one day! Don't feel the need to acknowledge me in your blog header...I think it would look better without my name! :D

  2. That is so awesome you got to make a trip and meet them!! I love the beach pics!!