Saturday, March 27, 2010

No More Tears

I feel this dark cloud hanging around. I say "around" because it's not right over me...but it's over the people around me. There has been a lot of tragedy and a lot of sadness and heartbreak going on all around me. After losing Noah I was on the receiving end of people's comforting words and prayers. These days others need them from me. A friend of mine has been betrayed by her husband and they are getting a divorce. My heart is broken for her, but I know there are better days ahead. On Sunday a dear lady that attends our church lost her son. He was killed in a tragic car accident. He was 39 years old and leaves behind a wife and 4 children. ( My co-worker's stepfather passed away. A media specialist at one of the schools in the county I work for got the news Wednesday morning that BOTH of her children (daughter 13, son 18) were killed in a car accident on their way to school. I can't even type those words without crying. The magnitude of the loss. Unbelievable. Both of her children...gone. Just like that. ( The bank where I used to work was robbed today by a man who was armed. It was at a different location from where I worked but I have friends there that are very shaken up. .

Tomorrow David is attending the funeral of an old friend of his. A man who sort of mentored David in his musicianship. A lot of people loved this man dearly and it is a difficult loss for so many.

And some people I love very much have reached the one year mark of trying to have a baby. Their hearts are heavy and there is a lot of frustration. Please pray for them as they seek medical advice next month.

Please pray for all of these families who are dealing with pain/hurt/loss.

I can't wait to get to Heaven where there will be no more hurt, no more sadness...

No more tears.


  1. WOW! That really is a lot all at once. I'm so glad all of these people have you as a friend to be loving them and praying for them!

  2. i can't wait for heaven either. i'll be praying for those you mentioned.

  3. This is so so sad.
    Praying for comfort during a time when comfort seems impossible.

    The new Heaven and the new Earth....ah... I can't wait.