Tuesday, February 3, 2009

First Ultrasound!!! Baby's First "Hello!"

We had the first ultrasound (and first appointment) today and it was great! And yes...there's only ONE baby in there!!! Hee hee. I have to say I was relieved. And it's not because twins wouldn't be a blessing...because they would, but twins are always a higher risk pregnancy and that scares me because of my past miscarriages. So I was very happy to see my one little peanut in there. I saw the beating heart and asked how fast it was beating. She said, "164". Ethan's was "165" at his first ultrasound. As soon as she turned the sound on and I heard it's little heartbeat, the tears came flowing down. I was so relieved and just so....happy!!! I just kept saying, "Thank you, Jesus". My wonderful hubby took a little video of the ultrasound, but I have to borrow a card reader from Angela so I can post it. It will be up later tonight! For now, here are 3 pics of our little butterbean. The first pic is probably the most detailed. You can see the head and body a little clearer.

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