Wednesday, February 18, 2009

11 Weeks Today!

I'm so glad to be nearing the end of the first trimester and to be out of the "danger zone". I'm feeling great and baby seems to be doing great. I'm so excited about what the next 6 weeks will bring! My belly will really start to grow, I'll be able to feel the baby move, and of course, we will get to know if this little one is a boy or a girl! The second trimester is probably my favorite!!! I've been asked A LOT if I prefer a boy or a girl this time around. I think most women hope to have a daughter one day, and yes, I would love for this little one to be a little girl. But I'm totally excited if it's a boy too because I think it will be really neat for Ethan to have a little brother. David and I are also pretty certain that we will try for a third baby and so either sex is fine with us. I just can't wait to know so we can start thinking more about names and decorating the room and all of that fun stuff!

I'm still debating about whether I will have a caesarean or a VBAC. I am really starting to lean towards trying to have a VBAC. It's just a matter of getting my husband on board with that. After the 14 hours of hard labor I went through last time, then the emergency c-section, he REALLY doesn't want me to risk going through that again. I'm just afraid that a planned c-section could decrease our chances of having a third child. There's still a lot of risks either way, but we have some time to make a decision. I just want what is best for this little one.

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