Friday, May 18, 2012

Ella at 14 Months

At 14 months old you are 29" tall and weigh 20lbs, 9oz. Your hair is just long enough to put in short little piggy tails and I think you look just adorable with them. You are stubborn as ever (don't know where you possibly inherited that from) and you still refuse to walk without holding onto something.  You can speed walk with your baby stroller and just recently Nana taught you to walk around the house holding just one of our hands instead of two.  You did take a few steps last week when Nana and Aunt Fiss stopped by the house.  And at Uncle J's house on Mother's Day, you stood in front of his coffee table, playing with Mamaw's jewelry and you balanced yourself for like 5 minutes without holding onto anything.

You are very sensitive.  If Mommy or Daddy look at you and say, "No, no" firmly, that is all it takes for your lip to start quivering and the tears to start pouring down your face. You are becoming quite the cuddler which of course makes mommy so happy.  Up until now, you did not like to be rocked to sleep, but now you love it.  You give sweet kisses while making the "Mmmmm..wha" sound.You get so excited when we all clap for you. You can point out the bunny on each page of your bunny book and point out the hippo on each page of "But Not the Hippopotamus!" Did I mention that you have not once, but twice eaten a ladybug? Just for the record...that's not cool.You have 8 teeth...4 on top, 4 on bottom, and you are cutting 3 more currently. Nobody can make you laugh like your big brother can! And yes, sweet angel, you have your Daddy wrapped tightly around your little finger.

Your newest words are "Baby" "Stop it" and "All done".  It is so cute! When I am done feeding you dinner, you hold out your hands and give a little shoulder shrug and say, "All done".  Makes mommy giggle every time.  ADORABLE!

You LOVE to dance (shake your booty) and  your Nana says about you (from her favorite movie, Mama Mia), "She can sing before she can talk, she can dance before she can walk". Whenever you are crying in the van, I turn on Kari Jobe's song, "What Love Is This" and you immediately stop crying and start singing.  It is the craziest thing...but this has happened at least 5 times now (thank you, Kari!!!)

These are some of the words you know so far...
Dada (you yell this first thing every morning while you patiently wait for Daddy to come pick you up out of your crib)
Mama (you say this very clear and deliberate now and it just melts my heart!)
Bubba (for Ethan)
No, no, no (your favorite)
All Done
Go (you yell this at Tanner a lot)
Stop it (you say this as clear as a funny)
You can sing the alphabet...sort of....A, B, C, D, E, i, ah, ke, ahzeela, P, coo, ah ssssstt, ahhh V, aaaawwwuu, ah eh, GZEEE, ah oh uh ah A, B, C's, (indistinct chatter during "next time won't you sing with me")
duck (quack quack)
moooooo (for cow)
Weeeeeeee (when we swing you around)
Baby (and you said, "Baby Noah" on Mother's Day)
Bay-doll (for baby doll)
Bebo (for belly button)
and you try to say Mamaw, but it comes out "mama".  
And your Nana and Aunt Erica insist that you repeated Aunt E the other day and said, "AWESOME!"

You really talk a lot...but most of the time it's your own little language.  

You are a LOT like your big brother! You do the exact same thing that he did at your age when it's time to brush your teeth.  You make this noise, "Sssss...ssss...ssss".  So crazy that you both did this! And I guess you took notice of your bubba sucking his thumb and putting the other thumb in his belly button.  You used to go for the it's your belly b ("Bebo").

You are a much better eater than your big brother, though you are starting to be picky about certain things. You hate squash!.

Mommy nurses you at night, but you are mostly on whole milk now (this makes Mommy sad, but it's time...). Mommy's milk must have done you good though.  You have only been sick once (and that was very minor) since birth.

Love you, sweet Ella Jane.  Can't wait to spend my free Fridays off of work with you and Ethan this summer.

Please don't grow up too fast!

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  1. Lisa, That is so beautiful!! Keep making a record of your thoughts and perceptions, which is obviously the plan, as Ella grows. I agree, it is way to fast!! My heart sings (MUCH better than my voice) as I read your words. It brings me as muc and probably more joy than you can imagine!!! Missy Peanut does have a little temper but otherwise, she reminds me very much of you at her age. I'd cry now but it wouldn't be macho!