Friday, March 27, 2009

16 Weeks - It's A Boy!

As of Wednesday, I am 16 weeks. A friend of a friend is an ultrasound tech and has a portable machine, so David and I went to her house on Wednesday night and she determined that our baby was a boy. While I've always imagined a house full of little girls, I'm getting used to the idea of having little boys. Ethan is so precious and if this one is half as sweet as he is, we hope to have more kids...and maybe one day I'll have a little girl.

And now everyone is asking what we will name this little boy. We don't know for sure yet! I LOVE the name Noah. That was one of our options for Ethan when we were thinking of names, but David is not set on that yet. I also like "Austin" as a middle name. That is my cousin's name and he lived with us for a while and was kind of like another brother, so I would love to give this little boy that as a middle name. We have some time to think about it though!

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